Our Promise

Promise Fitness goes beyond just fitness apparel & accessories! We are here to support everyone’s journey. Everyone is different, and our differences make us who we are.  

We challenge you all every day to better yourselves in some way. We all have goals, but to achieve your goals, you will have to put the work in. Our philosophy is that you should take each day to improve yourself and your future goals in some way.

 Consistent small goals sought out to conquer each day will be more beneficial in achieving your end goal. 

It’s time to spread positivity and support our individuality because the best project you’ll ever work on is yourself at the end of the day. 

Make A Promise, And Keep It! 

We are here to Motivate•Inspire•Create for generations to come.


Promise Fitness is Led By: 

Founder: Jeffrey Oliveira
Videographer/Photographer: Shams Ali